Local Development Council Established

On Thursday, April 7th the city administration has hosted first and constitutional meeting to form Local Economic Development Council. The primary goal of Local Economic Development is to improve dialogue between public and private sector in order to create a business friendly environment in City of Zenica.

As of January of 2016th, the City of Zenica has joined the program of Business Friendly Certification. The main purpose of this program is to enhance cooperation between city administrations and entrepreneurs, as well as all other stakeholders who are involved in a process of investment attraction in City of Zenica to join the efforts for creation of better business environment in Zenica.

The constitution of Local Economic Development Council is one the most crucial criteria for establishment of constructive public – private dialogue as a systematic and continuous communication between the mayor / city administration and business community in Zenica.

Local Economic Development Council consists of eight representatives from private sector, five representatives from public sector and two representatives from non-governmental sector.

Members from public sector are: Jugoslav Andjelic head of department for economics and entreprenueurship in City of Zenica, Semira Karic head of department for spatial planning in City of Zenica, Mubara Pezo head of the department for utility services, Mirsad Heleg director of Public company for spatial planning of Zenica, Senad Pasalic development manager in economic development Agency ZEDA.

Members from private sector: Mirsad Cizmo manager of “RM-LH” company, Senaid Turkic director of “AKSA” company, Mladen Peric director of “PERO” company, Esad Dzananovic manager of “Dzananovic-transport” company, Jusuf Durakovic director of “BOSIO” company, Damir Begic director of “ALMY” company, Emira Sahmanija director of “FEMETALL” company, Senad Dzanic director of “CLUB 072” company.

Non-governmental sector: Vukica Marjanovic-Suljic representative of “Forum of citizens of Zenica”, Edin Saric president of “Association of scouts of Zenica”.